Canon 1300D is Surprisingly an Excellent Camera for Beginners

The Canon T6 or 1300D is Canon’s latest entry level camera that has come into the marketplace.

Lets get right to it!




It comes with a 18 Mega-pixel sensor which is pretty amazing for the price that you are paying. Its has a 9 point AF Auto-Focus system which is good enough for beginners and also advanced photographers.

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Botany Beach Resort – A Tropical Experience

Botany Beach Resort located in the hearts of Pattaya City in Thailand which is not too far away from the main city is one of the most loved resorts you can go to. Its a fairly new resort and a well established one.


About only 120 minutes ride from Bangkok, one can relax and enjoy with nice panorama sea view. With low rise building and bungalows surrounded with tropical garden, make you really comfortable, safe and blended with nature. Whether sunrise or sunset, the spectacular view will impress you and make the day an unforgettable memories.


Superbly set in the quiet and private location in the middle of tropical garden and right at the beach. ” Botany Beach Resort ” is where you can spend your precious holidays and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. At your nice sandy private beach, you can sit back and relax under the shadow of palm trees.




You are responsible for improving your photography

Photography has been a hell of trend in the past 100 years. Early on, it was more like a rare breed of individuals who shot pictures and knew the knowledge of photography.

Today, its a lucrative market with billions of photographers struggling to up them game on Social media and business.

Many are still learning, but most of the photographers are able to shoot great pictures regardless of their knowledge. Today, anyone can shoot great pictures from a smartphone itself, you literally have no limitations on what you can do with a camera.

But can you still make it to the TOP.

The answer is definitely a YES.

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Can the iPhone X Replace DSLR Cameras

As apple does it every year, that is upgrade its iPhone cameras. This year Apple bringing its new iPhone X has made it possible to replace even DSLR’s.

Can the new iPhone X replace Digital SLR’s? 

To really answer this question,  we have to look closely as to what new upgrades has been put into the new iPhone.

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Pattaya, Bangkok – Lust or Lost

20th October, My friends and I decided to go to Pattaya for a long holiday, probably for 5 days. Seems short but if you have limited budget, in case of ours, we had 5000 bath, there is nothing much you can do besides roaming around the city and having a couple of drinks in bar with 5000 bath.

So far,  we were so dam excited and most of you all know the reason why. Although we had only 5000 bath in our pockets for complete enjoyment which is about $180 approx, the first thing we did that day was book the tickets for Pattaya.

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10 Reasons to Choose Canon over other Cameras

Canon vs other cameras is a debate that will never end. The others brands such as Pentax, Fujifilm, Nikon, and many others ofcourse have amazing cameras but not all of them are great.

The lenses of other brands are often limited to a certain numbers. Just take a quick guess, how many of the Pentax lenses do you know, or even Nikon lenses. Its sad but we hardly know much about them but most of them hardly perform like a hero like Canon.

Canon has been around for a decade and its only close competitor is Nikon which has somewhat been able to come close into competition with Canon. But as far as quality and precision is concerned, Canon beats every other brands.

Here we have 10 reasons why?

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Words Fastest Lens The Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 Lens

What do you really mean by the words fastest lens? . Many people have mistakenly imagined that the lens zooms faster than the odds. But that’s not true because guess what this lens does not zoom.

In Photography and specially cameras, the idea of fast lens equals to the amount of aperture that the lens has. Which means lower the aperture, faster the lens. This is because at low apertures, we can increase our shutter speed or make it faster. That’s why Fast Lens.

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Why is Noise an important element in photography?

Many of you may have experience or seen noise in a photograph and it does make the photograph look very cheap. Those tiny rainbow colored spots that ultimately cover up the whole image and make it seem like the photo was taken from point and shoot camera.

Well of course you took it from a DSLR but noise spoils the show. A clear cut example of how noise can spoil a photograph is by looking at this image below.


This image does look bad.

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Top 10 Photography Blogs to improve your photography

Learning photography is not at all expensive. Its actually just free. Because of the internet today and all the wonderful blogs and photographers who constantly write and teach their techniques on photography. Learning photography is way too easier than before.

Just take an example of a photographer dated back 30 years ago. Just 30 years ago there was no internet, no mobile, laptops, phone(maybe) and DSLR’s.  All they had was their studio and film camera which they are proud of as it was the only specialty gadget they people knew back then.

How did they do the experiments? How did they learn Lighting?. Aperture, Shutter speed  or did they even know that splash photography existed.

Feel lucky today and visit these top 10 blogs that will really help you improve your photography skills.

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The best Camera lens of 2016 (recommendation)

For years people wonder which lens is the best lens for their budget type. They judge the lens through its price and often its always true that higher the price, better the lens. But as we move down the curve we find some amazing statistics.


Believe me or not but there is one lens that’s humbly staying low below our price grade and yet it performs like any other professional. And its always canon. This lens has been made with plastic and some other glass material. Things that every lens has.

Without further adieu let me introduce to you the best lens of 2016.

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